Next Generation Tire Changing System

Change Tires On Any Vehicle, Faster Than Ever Before

The Future Of Automotive Care

For fleets and auto repair service providers, RoboTire just made the world of vehicle maintenance a whole lot easier. We use cutting-edge robotics and AI technology to automate the tire-changing process – freeing mechanics, technicians, and engineers to focus on more technical services and repairs.

The RoboTire System

Industry-Changing Efficiency

Do more work with fewer staff, in less time. RoboTire is all about increasing efficiency. No matter your headcount, as employees come and go, RoboTire transforms one of the most basic and time-consuming jobs in the industry into an automated breeze.

Smart Technology

RoboTire gives your people better tools to do their job, helping them work faster and safer. For any automotive business that includes tire change as part of its service, RoboTire saves time and money.

We’ve perfected this technology over years of hands-on research with automotive technicians and robotics experts. RoboTire uses sophisticated AI and machine learning technology to intelligently adapt to the requirements of every vehicle on the road, ensuring a smooth, seamless, and speedy tire change – with minimal human input.

Built For Safety

The floor of any auto repair shop is loud, busy, and fast-paced. We know that. That’s why RoboTire is specifically designed to seamlessly conform to the dynamic demands of the automotive industry.

Our smart technology operates safely and effectively in the background. By using intelligent sensors, our robots are safe to operate with people in the immediate vicinity. RoboTire understands human movement and adapts to each and every environment in which it’s employed.

RoboTire Is Built For Automotive Businesses Of All Shapes And Sizes

Every second a vehicle spends off the road costs you money. Get your vehicles in and out of repair in minutes rather than hours or days.
Repair more cars in less time. Customer wait times dramatically reduce, satisfaction skyrockets, loyal customers increase.
Free your hard-to-find, highly-trained technicians to spend less time on tire changes and more on higher-margin service and repairs.

Who We Work With

RoboTire is pleased to partner with auto industry leaders and investors

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Come Change an Industry With Us

We’re at the start of what promises to be an incredible journey, which is why it’s such an exciting time to join the RoboTire team. Check out our open positions.

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